Difference Between UX and UI

What is UX? What is UI? What is the difference between UX and UI?

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1. Distinguishing Between UX And UI

If you need an SEO-friendly website, it is important that you understand the differences between UX and UI. This understanding will enable you to build a user-friendly website that can be used for your company. The major aim of any business enterprise is profit maximization. However, this is not achievable without the ability to satisfy the needs of your customers. 

Customers will only be loyal to your organization when it has the ability to make them happy. The quality of your product and services is crucial to the customer retention of your company. Nonetheless, without a user-friendly website, you might not be able to convince customers to consider purchasing your products and services in the first place. The UX and UI of your website are what determines whether it is user-friendly or not.

Below are some of the main differences between UX and UI:

  • UI includes the buttons, screens, icons, and toggles you find on a website while UX is the entire interaction you have while using the website.
  • UI refers to the elements you find on the website as you use it while UX describes how you feel while using the website.
  • UX emphasizes your satisfaction while using a website but the emphasis of UI is the design of the website.
  • An excellent UI does not automatically translate to an excellent UX.
  • Low-quality UI can affect the UX of your customers.

Despite the differences listed above, you need both quality UI and excellent UX to achieve a user-friendly website. If your customers appreciate the graphics and arrangement of your website, but it loads slowly, it means it has great UI but low-quality UX.

Indeed, UX is more important than UI. Nonetheless, UI contributes to the UX. So, what is best is to find a web developer that can help combine these two qualities. This is what you will get from a company that offers SEO-friendly website design services in LA.

2. Find SEO-Friendly Website Design Services

Top-notch SEO-friendly website design services in LA exist if only you are willing to do your homework. A simple internet search might not be enough because every organization in LA claims to offer top-quality services.

Based on customer reviews, experience, and expertise, you can trust Master of Market to help you design a website that has both quality UX and UI. The numerous happy customers of this organization are enough reasons to convince you to trust the organization. Even if what you need is an upgrade on an existing website, Master of Market has got your back.

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